Robin Laws Field

Several local Kingston artists kindly donated one or more original works to our Store.

Robin Laws Field:

Robin was born in Hamilton, lived in Oakville, spent school years in Ottawa, and her married years in Toronto. She worked as the creative director of an advertising agency, had her own company for a time and also a regular column in the Globe and Mail entitled "The Harrassed Housewife."

Robin began art lessons in 1992, while retired here in Kingston. Her first show was with pen and ink drawings, but she also painted in oil, acrylic and water colour. Then she found fibre art, has concentrated on that for about 20 years, and became a member of the Kingston Fibre Artists. Robin defines fibre art as "mixed media, but always threaded needle is involved".

Robin has had a number of exhibitions of fibre art: solo exhibitions at the Brantford Art Gallery; Wellington Street Gallery in Kingston and Toronto; the Window Art Gallery in Kingston. She has had group exhibitions at the Kingston Public Library and more recently at the Tett Centre.

"Art is everywhere," says Robin, and "wherever I look, I find something to sketch or paint." Her work might be abstract, textured, inspired by nature, photographs, or an interesting piece of fabric.