Mary Ev Wyatt

Several local Kingston artists have kindly donated original works to our Art Collection.

Mary Ev Wyatt:

Mary Ev Wyatt has donated many pieces of fibre art to the Kingston Grandmother Connection for this sale.

Mary Ev was born in Perth, Ontario, where art was a major part of her life. She majored in English and History at Queen's University, with a minor in Art History. 

In Kingston, Mary Ev gradually moved into fibre art (from drawing), but not until she enrolled in workshops with Hilary Scanlon, did she find a way to express her love of nature, to reflect on the meaning of life, and to play with colour, line and form. Mary Ev became a founding member of the Kingston Fibre Artists and for a time was their President. A highly acclaimed fibre artist with a national reputation, she has exhibited widely in solo and group art exhibitions, as well as with the Kingston Fibre Artists.

Mary Ev's work has given her an outlet for portraying a wide variety of themes and subjects, and the influence of international travels can be seen in her work.